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Yes, if you react in a way similar to how another dog would react to accidentally harming a play mate or a pack mate.

That’s why, when dogs are playing (especially noticeable in puppies, as they’re still learning bite inhibition), and one dog yelps loudly and sharply, like a dog does if you step on its paw or tail, if you react by immediately jumping back, not doing the thing again, and giving friendly, appeasing gestures (nice petting, ear scratching, chin scratching, etc…or if you were another dog, submissive gestures, muzzle licking, things that say ‘nono sorry! I’m not a threat to you!”) the dog does, in fact, realize that you weren’t attacking or trying to be mean and that it was accidental.

That’s also why advice to puppy owners or owners trying to retrain a dog that was never taught to not bite during play are advised to yelp like a hurt dog if their puppy/dog gets too rough and immediately stop play and turn away, because that’s a clear signal to the dog that they hurt you and you’re upset now.

Most dogs will immediately ‘apologize’ in dog language for that as, especially if it was during play, their intent wasn’t to hurt anyone, just to have fun. They’ll also tend to react that way if you yelp if they step on you. I know I’ve yelped at Bear a few times because his big 105lb ass is HEAVY and does not feel nice on a foot.

Woah the reverse tactic wow

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